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Update artikelnummers mass chargers

"We've made the best even better," explained Marc Persoon, Mastervolt's Product Manager. "The Mass Charger range is the ultimate in reliability. We have maintained the dimensions and connections of the earlier models, but managed to actually improve the design from the experience of 10 years of heavy use, from the Polar Regions to the Tropics."

Amongst the upgrades is the addition of full MasterBus connectivity, allowing the charger to communicate with the rest of a Mastervolt system by means of a single 'plug and play' CAN-bus cable. This provides total monitoring and automatic control of the distribution system when power is being generated from several different sources.

Mastervolt has thoughtfully kept the footprint exactly the same as earlier models, so a straight swap during a refit or overhaul can be done with minimal down time.

 The article numbers have been updated:

Article numbers Old New
  40010600 40010606
  40010800 40010806
  40020500 40020506
  40020755 40020756
  40021005 40021006
  40031000 40031006
  40020150 40020156
  40040250 40040256
  40040500 40040506